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Shop for Electricity Rates helps you compare electricity rates, products and services from energy providers available across Texas. And it's easy! Simply enter your ZIP code to see electric rates in your area. You'll find electricity rates for fixed, monthly and green energy plans that are available near you.

Ready to switch? Once you've found the electric rate you'd like to pay, switching energy providers is a breeze. We give you the power to make the best choice when it comes to your electricity. Choose a new provider, get the electric rate you want, and connect without service interruptions or hassles.

How is My Electric Rate Determined?

Texas electricity providers can offer the rates that they do thanks to deregulation in Texas. No matter where you live, your electric supply comes from a variety of sources, including coal, nuclear power, wind farms, natural gas, and even hydro & solar power. All of these energy sources are turned into electricity at power plants. In a deregulated market, those power generation companies can choose to sell their electric supply to a variety of retail electricity companies, such as Just Energy and Bounce Energy. Those companies, in turn, pass on competitive rates to you.

However, not all of Texas is open to a competitive market. In order to provide accurate, up-to date electricity rates and product details, we need to know your service area. Enter your ZIP code above to see great options near you! Or visit our resource center to learn more about deregulation and energy saving tips.

Top 5 Tips for
Electricity Shoppers

  1. Vote with Your Dollar - competition for your business inspires innovation
  2. Shop Smart - choose products, terms and service that meet your needs
  3. Conserve Energy at Home - lower usage means lower bills
  4. Look for Fixed Rates - they may give you long-term protection
  5. Read the Fine Print - make sure your monthly rate isn't promotional only