Some culprits that contribute to secret energy costs in your home

There are culprits all around your home that cause energy to trickle away to the point it equates to dollars seeping from your budget.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency while also increasing the size of your wallet, make sure you take a close look at these often-overlooked culprits:

  • Caulking and weather stripping that needs to be replaced
  • Switch plates that don’t have foam gaskets behind them
  • Single pane windows instead of dual pane or storm windows
  • Dampers from the fireplace being left open
  • Magnets or other closure devices not sealing properly on kitchen exhaust fans
  • Openings at door bottoms where thresholds have worn thin or need to be installed
  • Using the dishwasher’s drying cycle instead of opening the door and letting dishes air dry
  • Leaks or damaged seals in air ducts
  • Temperature set too high on the hot water heater – 120 degrees is more than adequate
  • Keeping the temperature setting of your clothes washer too high — hot water uses twice as much energy as warm water
  • Using screen savers on a computer– sleep mode or turning them off is the better choice

While each of these tips may seem minor on an individual basis, collectively they can add significantly to your monthly energy budget. Take a look around your home today to see what changes can be made so you can start saving money tomorrow!