Consider these energy efficient options

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) writes that “heating and cooling costs are typically the largest energy expense for most U.S. homes.”

Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense to take a look at ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency which in turn may help improve your budget efficiencies if incorporated?

The EPA recommends the following options which include the simple to the more complicated – but all can have an impact on your home’s bottom line.

  • Consider a programmable thermostat. This option is considered one of the most simple to incorporate since its programming options allow you to regulate your home’s temperature in all seasons regardless if you’re at home or away.
  • Regulate the rooms not being used. By heating and cooling only the rooms of your house that you actually use and closing vent access to all others you can conserve energy and save money while still maintaining your personal comfort.
  • Consider a fan. In absence of air conditioning, why not install some low-energy ceilings fans, window fans, or whole-house and attic fans? All three fan options consume less energy than whole-house air conditioning, especially when you consider ENERGY STAR rated products.

Saving energy can help you save money while also helping to protect the environment.  Not only will you be taking a chunk out of your largest energy expense for your home, but you’ll also be putting change in your pocket while effecting change in the environment, as well!